Thursday, January 17, 2008

Enjoy Snow in Huangshan Winter

Snow is not mysterious for some in the snowy countries. But snow of Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) differs from those of many places. Because it makes a perfect union with the pines, wonder stones, clouds, pools and hot springs. It is called the fifth wonder of Huangshan. Winter is a special season because it is a super paradise of the photographers from home and abroad. After snow, the hot springs and pools in Huangshan are encircled by snow. The mountains and trees reflect their beauties in water. Steam rises from the hot springs, tranquil and mysterious, it will bring you tour to the imagination and confer up lots of wonderful fantasies. All the odd pines dress in white in winter Huangshan. They look very beautiful and have all kinds of strange shapes. With the rimes or icicles, some look like white tigers, some look like silver white dragons...and you will see the ten odd pines that have been listed on the World Natural Heritage. In the snow, another gracefulness of these longevous pines is more captivating than that of the other weather. The snowy day is the world of carvings. Owing to the whole mountain is covered with pure white snow here becomes an exhibition hall of the grotesque carvings. Two Immortals playing Chess in white, the Pig Backing Wife in white, and the Stone Bell in white...all grotesque rocks in white. They are ice carvings now but not rocks. Immerse in this translucent world you will come to see that the prodigious skill of nature is utterly convincing! The peaks bathe in snow in Mt.Huangshan. the Lotus Peak becomes a snow lotus, the Tiandu Peak looks as beautiful as a goddess in white, the Nine Dragons Peak turns into a serpentine jade dragon flying over the sea of clouds, the stone forest in the West Scenic Zone becomes an argent forest, the precipitous peaks lock together in the Jade Screen Scenic Zone turn into silver ...they compose a sublime picture. More wonderfully, if you stand atop the tallest peaks in a snowy day in Mt.Huangshan you will see a full panoramic view from there. Visible at this time are snow peaked mountains near and far, tremendous white cliffs, distant crystal stone forest, the tops of sea of clouds, and a dark blue sky. But all these belong to those who are brave and crazy about the beautiful attractions of Mt.Huangshan.

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