Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kenyan Parks - The Unmatched Options

Kenya is still the primary focus of all adventure travel in Africa. It is one of the finest--and undoubtedly the most famous safari destination in the world. Safari, however, is by no means the only reason to visit Kenya, for the attractions of its rich culture and diverse environments are considerable. Its geography is marvelously varied. While much of northeastern Kenya is a flat, bush-covered plain, the remainder of the country encompasses pristine beaches, scenic highlands and lake regions, the Great Rift Valley, and the magnificent Mount Kenya. Although Kenya s varied environments experience a wide variety of climate conditions, these produce ad give rise to different ecological and diverse attraction of the Kenya more than 50 national parks and reserves. For that I have tried to give a summary of attractions found in each park or reserve in this country thus the uniqueness of individual area. This will enable you the visitor to this country to evaluate what the agents or operators are offering you is right or not. Unique Features of of Kenyan Parks and Reserves 1.Tsavo West National Park Tsavo west national park is where you come and see the cave-dens of the man-eating lions is the famous movie Man Eaters of Tsavo .You will also have a wonderful experience at Mzima springs where you can watch a variety of fish through the crystal clear water which flows down to Mombasa. there are very interesting lava flows which stretches for a whole nine kilometers and are worth a visit. It is also at this park, where you will find the historical Chyulu gate caves which were used in the World war, they are in Salaita and Maktau areas which were the grounds of World War II British and German battles. The Tsavo red elephants are a must see also for the visitor. 2. Tsavo East National Park This is the home of the widest variety of sceneries and habitats in Kenya where you will find micro-deserts, Kopjes, waterfalls, tablelands from the green savannah, riverine and woodland bushes. Its the only place where you will find the largest population of Red elephants in Kenya. It has also a wide variety of mammals, reptiles, and bird species including the only free ranging endangered black rhino. Physical features like plateaus and most expansive and longest lava flow in Africa are found in this park 3. Amboseli National Park This park is for those who want to have an experience of the unpolluted Maasai culture. The Amboseli elephants- the most studied elephants in the world, have been researched for more than 33 years. This park also offers a tramedious view of the highest mountain in Africa- Mt. Kilimanjaro. It has been recognized as a pioneer test case study for Community Wildlife Conservation Initiative in the world. 4. Lake Nakuru National Park For those who love the birds, this is their park with Shimmering Flamingo realm, the most fabulous bird spectacle on earth. This park is sunk in the floor of The Great Rift Valley and ringed by shoals of exciting and dormant volcanoes. It lies adjacent to the largest crater in the world- The Menengai Crater. Its also in this park where you find Africa s most elusive cat â€" Leopard easily. 5. Nairobi National Park Have you ever heard of Wild in the city proximity’? Nairobi Park is the only park in the world that found next to the city center. Its also the first park to be gazzeted in Kenya. It has spectacular scenery and wildlife against the backdrop of the city skyline and behold the undulating landscapes. its Unique character of blending of modern lifestyle and community conservation, showcasing an open ecosystem where animal species migrate freely in and out of the park into the community dispersal areas. Its where we have the most unique and successful Black Rhino Sanctuary, with a calving rate of two and a half years and has boosted in restocking programmer nationally. The Historic Shrine where 12 tones of ivory stockpiles worth Ksh. 60 Million were burned by the Kenya Government in 1989 as a show of sacrifice to enhance conservation in supporting a ban to Trade in Ivory Is also found in this city proximity. 6. Mt. Kenya National Park Ice and show at the equator? yes this is the park where you see the only existing glaciers and snowcaps within the equator in the world. Ever heard of adventure hiking? you may now try it out at the most famous and difficult technical climbs in the world on this mountain. It has also more than 30 alpine lakes on the alpine region of the mountain where fishing arrangement can be done for a fill of trout fishing in the Kenyan highlands. The endemic beautiful alpine plants can be seen e.g Giant groundsel and Ostrich plume lobelia. It represents a complete ecological zones from savannah rain forest, bamboo zone, hagenia and health zone, the moorland, rocks and snow. A feel of the highest placed tourist facility in Africa in a very remote and high altitude area called the Austrian Hut at 4,790m and 15,970ft above sea level. It is the highest placed banda in Africa. Join the locals as they climb and perform their traditional and religious rituals on the mount on believe of closeness to their God in regard to this sacred mountain. Every year members from the neighboring communities climb and pray on the mountain. 7. Mt. Elgon National Park Ever heard of Cave Elephants? let your dream come true in this spectacular park. it has more to offer where you will be among the heroes who regard visiting the World s second largest crater (30km circumference) part of the great achievements which truly is. The Worlds famous Kitum Cave which is 200m deep are in this famous area. For the wild life, Watch the great acrobatic flying black and white Colombus monkeys perform their art. 8. Meru National Park Famous for the Movie Walking With the lion . Prove him correct Visit the home of Elsa the lioness featured in the Born Free Film by Adamson Joy and in the book Walking with Lions. It offer a fill of creation era, described as the Garden of Eden within the equator in the plains facing Nyambene Hills and Mt. Kenya. You will have a chance to see the big five in their home area all in one park. This is the only park watered by 14 permanent rivers and several permanent swamps. Harboring plain, bush and aquatic fauna in plenty, not forgetting over 300 species of birds. Excellent scenic and picnic sites along Kenya s largest river, Hippo pools and Inselbergs outcrops. The author the director of Wildwood Explore Kenya. We offer training in outdoor adventure activities. 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